Cruise party!

What's a tired Drupaler to do after a day of workshops and/or sprinting? Go to the beach of course! What if we would turn that up a bit further? You guessed that right! A cruise party!

Join us on Friday evening for a lovely boat trip on wonderful Lake Balaton. We meet at 18:30 in front of Hotel Helikon (the venue), and sail into the sunset at 19H. Expected arrival back to the pier: 21H.

The cruise party will be brought to us by our Diamond sponsor, Brainsum.

IMPORTANT: You can reserve your seat while registering to Drupalaton. Also, don't forget to mention at the Drupalaton registration desk to confirm your place. If you would like to have dinner on the ship, don't forget to mention which menu you'd prefer.

Dinner and drinks are not complimentary. We make sure that there is place for everyone, but make sure to sign up ahead to reserve your spot.

Menu (buffet style)

Price: 3.500 HUF / 12 EUR per person

Pancakes à la Hortobágy
Hungarian beef stew with dumplings
Vitamin salad

Vegetarian menu
Vegetable lasagna with cheese
Vegetable risotto with tomato sauce

Dessert: Strudel (apple, cherry, cottage cheese)

(The picture is not illustrative, it is of the actual ship booked.)


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